Smile Experts New Patient Information

1. Your first visit

Your first visit to Smile Experts Dental Centre will be for an initial evaluation. This appointment is used to secure your dental records, perform a clinical examination, complete any required radiographs and diagnostic casts, as well as discuss your treatment needs and wishes.

Please come in on time for your appointments to avoid any delay or interruption to other client’s appointment times. Should you need to reschedule your appointment, kindly give us 24 hours’ notice.


2. International Patients

To provide our patients with quality services, Smile Experts Dental Centre is committed to:

  • Keep our patients well-informed of all the treatment options available
  • Arrange the earliest time for consultation, surgery and recall appointment
  • Arrange for hotel accommodation and other relevant services
  • Provide 24 hours emergency care service

Please contact us for your arrangement needs and advice.