Smile Experts Quality & Standards

For your peace of mind, we maintain the highest quality standards when it comes to our equipment and tools that we use on our patients.


1. Digital Radiography

The amount of radiation from dental x-rays is very small. An average individual will actually receive more radiation from sitting in front of the television during a year than from traditional x-rays taken from dental clinics. Now, even that small amount of radiation has been reduced to approximately 90% through the use of digital x-rays.

We protect our patients further during the taking of x-rays with a lead apron.

Benefits of Digital Radiography

  • Easier and earlier detection of disease
  • Elimination of processing chemicals
  • Faster processing time
  • Easier storage on computers
  • Effective diagnostic tool
  • Implant surgical planning


2. Sterilisation and Infection Control

All dental instruments that touch patients are heat sterilized after each use in a process called autoclaving. Items that are not heat sterilised are disposed of and replaced with a new one. We constantly improve our infection control protocols by attending frequent upgrading courses and holding regular staff meetings so as to insure your safety and peace of mind.

Infection control protocols

  • Cover dental chairs, x-ray units, and light handles with disposable plastic wraps
  • Autoclave all dental hand pieces
  • Utilise safety techniques to prevent cross examination
  • Clean and sanitise each room regularly to eliminate bacteria and its development
  • Sterilise all instruments placed intro orally in an autoclave and ultrasonic cleaner for germ-free use
  • Wear gloves, masks and protective eyewear during examination and treatment
  • Utilise disposable items