Scaling and Polishing


Dental scaling and polishing should be done regularly because bacteria in the oral cavity constantly forms around your teeth and gums in a film known as plaque. This layer of plaque eventually absorbs minerals in the saliva to form hardened deposits ...

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Benefits of Scaling & Polishing

Scaling and polishing removes the bacterial deposits that constantly form around your teeth and gums. Regular oral hygiene maintenance is essential in preventing common dental problems such as dental cavities and gum problems. It also ensures clean and brighter looking teeth.

Treatment process

1 Examination and assessment of dental condition.
2 Scaling with gentle ultrasonics to remove calculus. This is done with dental loupes which magnify the vision, enabling the scaling process to be done in a precise and gentle manner.
3 Flossing and polishing to remove plaque.

FAQs on Scaling and Polishing

1. Will frequent scaling and polishing damage my teeth?
2. How often should I have scaling and polishing done?
3. Why is scaling and polishing necessary when I am already cleaning well at home?...

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