Gum Grafting


Gum around teeth can recede due to gum disease or hard brushing. Gum grafting can be done to regenerate the gum around teeth to increase the stability of these teeth.

Gum specialists (Periodontists) are specially trained dentists who can grow and ...

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Benefits of Gum Grafting

1. Saving of teeth
2. Better aesthetics
3. Reduction of sensitivity
4. Reduce shakiness of teeth...

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Treatment Process

1. What you expect at their first consultation?
2. Is gum grafting painful?
3. How long is the bone grafting procedure?...

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FAQs on Gum Grafting

1. What follow-up care is required after gum grafting?
2. When can I start eating after gum grafting?
3. When can I start brushing after gum grafting?
4. Do gum grafting required specialized equipment?

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