With loss of multiple teeth and as aging process sets in, you may experience not only loss of chewing ability and the confidence to smile, further loss of facial muscle support and tone may cause your face to look 'saggy' and old. Speech may also be ...

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Benefits of Dentures

1. Helps to restore any unsightly gaps in your smile.
2. Restores function so you can eat well.
3. Support facial muscles or structures which may have collapsed due to loss of multiple teeth and their surrounding jaw bone.

Treatment Process

1. Consultation appointment (Approximately 30 min)
2. Dentures usually require several visits because our dentists need to make detailed...

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FAQs on Dentures

1. How long do dentures last?
2. What are the common problems with ill-fitting dentures?
3. Can I wear my dentures all the time?...

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