Dental Implant


Implant dentistry is a highly specialised field for replacing missing teeth with titanium fixtures placed in the jawbone. These fixtures are used to support the missing teeth. Dentists will place the titanium fixtures and some...

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Traditional Implant Treatment

Traditional Implant Treatment is a conventional way of replacing missing teeth. This type of im...
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Keyhole Implant Treatment

  Keyhole Implant Treatment is an advanced technique for replacing missing teeth. This typ...
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All-On-4 Implant Treatment

All-On-4 Implant Treatment involves placement of 4 implants to replace 12-14 teeth in patients ...
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Mini-Implant Treatment

Mini-Implant Treatment is a minimally invasive treatment to place 4 mini-implants to secure a ...
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Benefits of Dental Implants

1. Improve chewing efficiency
2. No pain from dentures
3. Anti-aging effect
4. Better health through better diet
5. Improve self esteem and confidence...

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Treatment Process

1. What you can expect at the first consultation?
2. Placement of Implant
3. Placement of new teeth
4. Care for your implants
5. How long is the surgery?
6. Is the surgery painful?...

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FAQs on Dental Implant

1. Who are suitable candidates for this procedure?
2. What will happen without treatment?
3. How long do implants last?
4. Do the implants need special maintenance?

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